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Sample Corrective Action Plans Sample CAP Format The attached Sample CAP Format is intended to provide guidance as needed. It can be used in part or in whole, or not at all. There is no particular
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A well-developed corrective action program is a powerful tool for experiencing improvement within your organization but corrective action like anything else has to be well planned enjoy this preview of creating a corrective action plan with Denis Robitaille this course deals with creating an effective corrective action plan the things that we have to consider when putting together a corrective action plan are what the action plan actually is supposed to be what it's supposed to entail what the benefits are of putting together a really good plan who's responsible for this plan and who should be involved in putting the plan together and all the steps that go into actually making that plan but another corrective action plan is actually like putting together a project plan it has many of the same features you address multiple different activities you have to consider various constraints as well as the resources that you need so you have to look at time constraints constraints in terms of people's availability multiple different things that might affect your ability to be able to fulfill the plan you put together a timeline timelines should have milestones in them that allows you to predict when a particular activity can occur based upon whether or not a previous activity that had been identified has been completed which is something that a lot of people ignore when they're trying to put together a corrective action plan you want to show that you have specific people involved and assigned to do the different activities in the plan you want to make sure that you have defined what the outcome is going to be what do you expect the output of your plan to actually be do you have a concrete picture in your mind can you define it and do you have metrics do you have some way of measuring the results of your plan so what are you going to put into place in order to be able to monitor the activities and determine whether or not the output is actually that which was intended which is to solve the problem and hopefully to enjoy other improvements as well this is an example of a form that you can use the benefit of using this kind of form is that it ensures that you don't forget any particular activity the way this works is that into these spaces right here you're going to put in the processes that you're going to be revising the documents that need to be changed the tasks that need to be completed as appropriate to each category on the left hand side over in this column right here you're going to put the persons that you need to have involved in this and you need to identify those individuals and make sure that you get their authorization and that you indeed get their permission before you put their name on this corrective action plan next that you're going to put in the actual time that will be devoted to that activity and finally the duration how long it will take before that particular activity is completed and you'll find as you putting your plan together...